Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finally another in-law

Kirk has been waiting for another in-law in the Morton family and wedding bells should be ringing this fall for Dennis and Robyn. No a date is not set but a season has, well kind of. Last October we took pics out at the ranch and Robyn wanted some take of her and Den to possibly use for invitations and at the wedding. Here are some of the ones Kirk and I took. Yes, yes we hassled Dennis about his hair but Robyn kept telling him she loved it. What do you do when she's the one that's going to live with it.


Krista said...

Well, way to go Dennis! I'm sure the whole family thinks it's "about time", being away for the last 7 years I think, "Is Dennis old enough to be getting married?" ... I'm also a fan of the hair :)

Bultsma Family said...

That will be great! Make sure we know the second anything's official! Dennis is one of Ben's favorite cousins. Ps. LOVE the hair, too.