Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting Started...

This is such a great way to keep connected to family and friends, it's just taken me hours to figure out how to do the basics. If Kirk were here it would have been done yesterday, he's great on the computer!

I guess I'll just jump in at where our family is at right now. Kirk owns his own business with his dad and brother called "K & M Hall Concrete Ltd." They deal with ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms. He works in Calgary and area all week and comes home on weekends and during bad weather. Most people hate the snow and cold but I've learned to love it because it brings him home to us. He also does residential drafting which is his passion and has drawn over 10 houses since he completed his schooling in 2005. He hopes to get more.

Our oldest daughter Pacey is 7 but will be turning 8 on April 2nd. She's in grade 2 and enjoys playing game and making crafts. She started piano last September and is doing well. Neat things about Pacey: she is left handed, she just got glasses the day before school started last year and apparently can't see through her right eye, her left eye is fine though. She has 20/200 vision. Boy did I feel bad when we found out.

Laina is next oldest and is our blonde bomb! She is 5 and loves to dance. So yes we have her in a dance class, ballet. She is in pre school because her birthday (Oct 14) missed the kindergarten cut off date (Sept 1). Oh well she'll be one of the oldest in her grade and the first to things like drive and date (heaven forbid). Neat things about Laina: she is a born leader, kids love to be around her and do what she does. Laina is the fairest of our girls but she really doesn't burn in the summer she actually tans even when slathered with sunblock. I think I mentioned it but she dances every where.

Now for our baby, Nevee Jane, she just turned 2 on Feb 18th and what fun she had. Nevee is a good mix of both Pacey and Laina but she has a different temperament and that is she's and angel! When we found out we were having another baby I prayed real hard for a happy baby and He answered my prayers. Neat things about Nevee: she didn't crawl till she was 9 months. She didn't walk till she was 15 months and she just started talking at 22 months and that was just mama, dada, meow, baby. Now she says a new word every day and it amazes me every day how fast little ones grow up and how fast they learn.

I have been able to stay at home with the girls for 2 years now and love it. I love not having to schedule life around work now I can just live life and have fun. My only wish is that Kirk's business grows and that he can be home more. There are many things in life that I love and don't love and you will find them all out but for now I need to get ready to get the 2 older girls from school. See ya


Krista said...

I am also COMPLETELY excited that you started up a blog. What a blessing Becka has brought into our lives - a fantastic way for all of us to keep in touch! Lovin' it already ... POST MORE PICTURES!

Bultsma Family said...

LOVE it. So excited to keep connected to your cute family! Looking forward to getting to know you WAY better! I'm adding you right away!