Monday, March 5, 2007

51 to 100

So I've got about 45 mins to continue with my list.
51. The only jewelery I wear are rings.
52. I can't watch scary movies! Not even the trailers of them on TV.
53. I don't even enjoy suspenseful shows but there is a little suspense in every show so I have to suck it up.
54. I wear glasses all the time. I used to wear contacts always but glasses are less time consuming and I like the look.
55. I Love the Color Red. My kitchen cupboards and my fridge (both are at least 30 years old) are painted red.
56. For mothers day last year Kirk and the Kids bought me a red Kitchen Aid Mixer.
57. Kirk and I really don't buy Christmas, Anniversary, or Birthday gifts for each other. We just buy what we want when we want it.
58. I take out the garbage.
59. I pay all the bills online.
60. I don't like dogs.
61 I do like cats.
62 my favorite farm animal is a cow and then a horse.
63. I'm not a big fan of ice cream.
64. In high school I felt as though I was friends with everyone.
65. I met Kirk because he dated my cousin Kristie when we were 14 and 15. I honestly did not like him then!
66. I was in a bomb situation where I worked. The phone rang and the person on the other line said they planted a bomb there. The police were called and I was asked to help move all the long term care patients to another facility. The place was searched and nothing found. Let me tell you I was scared but completely calm.
67. I've been in 2 vehicle accidents. The first I was by myself coming home from work and when going around a bend in the road, in slush, the truck slid side ways and down in to the middle ditch and then stopped. Someone called 911 or something and both Magrath and Raymond Ambulances, and Fire Rescue vehicles came. They were told a truck had flipped over but I had only slid into a 180. The second accident I was backing out of my parking spot, seen a van coming stopped to go forward again and they hit my back end. $3500 worth of damage and her 89 van was written off.
68. I've picked up hitch hikers, twice. Never again.
69. I've had 7 paying jobs from 1996 to 2005. I First for the radio station 1220 CJOC as their Hostess. Second a waitress, I only lasted 2 weekends and then quit. Third as a teachers aid for the Westwinds school division. Fourth baby sitting for a family in Lethbridge. Fifth at the hospital as a filing clerk. Sixth babysitting for a family in Raymond. And last 7 years as a dietary aid at the Magrath Hospital and Raymond Care center.
70. Kirk is my best friend.
71. I love to swing at the park.
72. I am shy and probably won't say hi first.
73. I forgive pretty easily. No body's perfect.
74. I don't listen to very much music but I want to.
75. I like Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, The Class, How I met your Mother, The Gilmore Girls and Veronica Marrs. I will watch Lost but I mute a lot of it, suspenseful music.
76. We have Bell Satellite.
77. I do not like Telus, I will take my land phone and Internet elsewhere when I have looked around.
78. I have only seen my dad cry 2 times in my life. The last time was at his brothers funeral. I Love my dad!
79. I cry at some commercials and at most love stories, book or movie.
80. I sleep with socks on in the winter.
81. Some mornings I let Pacey get herself ready for school, clothes, breakfast, hair, while I lay in bed ( I'm not asleep).
82. I don't like pictures of me, probably because I am 50lbs over weight.
83. I have pierced ears but don't wear earrings.
84. I want to take a photography class sometime.
85. I think I'm a good listener.
86. I try to look for the positive in situations and people. Kirk gets annoyed with that.
87. I never wear high heels. I just can't walk in them!
88. I wish my sister and I were closer. 10 years apart and in different times in our lives. Someday we'll be in the same time.
89. I think my brothers are CUTIES!
90. I enjoy all my in-laws. We have fun!
91. I want to be more like my in-laws. They are all great interior decoraters.
92. I drink way to much pop and not enough water.
93. I've only been admitted to the hospital (other than having babies) when I was 10 or so.
94. I got sun stroke in January from skiing.
95. I wash my hands 20 times a day.
96. I hate shows like the Simpson's, South Park, Family Guy, Arrested Development and many others.
97. I am better at letting Kirk know how I feel, when I'm upset, rather than playing the silent treatment and have him guess.
98. I would love to have 6 kids but that would mean I'd have to have 3 so close together because I want to be done at 32. But who knows, we don't always get to choose.
99. I love COLD 1% milk with homemade chocolate chip cookies.
100. I do not like flavoured water.


Jenie said...

I love reading these lists. Its great to get to know you better. One of these days I will do one as well.

Krista said...

I also love these lists, I think we'd all be better people if we made at least one (nudge nudge Jenie ...) I had no idea that was how you met Kirk, Tina. That's pretty interesting.

Meghann Clements said...

love your list, your girls are so preaty!!!That is so creapy about the bomb situation! i am not sure I would be so calm. Good for you for taking out the garbage!!