Friday, March 2, 2007

about me

I've been reading others lists about themselves and have enjoyed getting to know each one a little better or even just relating to something on their list. So here I go with mine, I've thought all day about what I could say and I'm sure I'll only end up with a few to start.

1. I love Dollar stores! Dollar stores that everything is $1 and no more.
2. I enjoy scrapbooking although I am 3 Years behind in Pacey and Laina's and 1 and 9 months behind in Nevee's. I keep waiting till I have an actual spot for it so I'm having to put it away from little fingers every day.
3. I grew up on a ranch.
4. I was in 4-H for 7 years and got the chance to go on a 4H exchange to Ontario the summer of 1994.
5. I kissed alot of boys during my high school years.
6. I married my grade 12 sweetheart, Kirk, and am still madly in love with him.
7. My feet will fit a size 4 kids shoe (I recently bought a pair of black high dress boots this size)
8. I love shoes!!! But only if they are on sale for $10 or less. I know I'm cheap.
9. I don't like my feet being touched but worse I hate touching other peoples feet (my kids and Kirks) unless they are my babies feet but after they are 4 yrs old, yuck.
10. I love being pregnant, no I'm not right now but I do love it.

11. I loose 18 to 20 lbs when I'm pregnant. I gain it all back 3 months after birth because I don't eat real healthy.
12. My babies were all good babies!
13. We named our girls after TV, movies and celebrities. Pacey from Dawson's Creek. Laina from She's all That (although her name was Lainey). And Nevee from Neve Campbell.
14. I never new the sex of any of our babies when I was prego.
15. I've never had heartburn. Kirk has it at least once a week.
16. I've never had a cavity.
17. I want braces.
18. I'm always thinking about my weight but have never really kept motivated to lose the weight.
19. I hate having big boobs.
20. I eat the crust from sandwiches and toast first and eat the middle last. MMMM

21. I love mini eggs!!
22. I like a crunch to my cold cereal. No soggy stuff for me.
23. I feel good when challenged with a project and complete it to the best I can.
24. I feel as though I am pretty creative.
25. I would love to have laser eye surgery but am a little scared.
26. I've never been put under with anesthetics and have never had pain medication when giving birth.
27. I'm not done having babies, at least one more, I think.
28. I'm not hoping for a boy and neither is Kirk. A girl would be another blessing, but what ever we are given we will love it.
29. My favorite # is 9
30. I feel guilty when I hire a babysitter and go out. I know they are getting paid but I still try to be home quickly. I need to stop that and enjoy it more.

31. I don't like jogging or running.
32. I do like walking, biking, pilates, and dancing(never in public).
33. I love a good deal. Yesterday I bought a pair of pants, a t shirt and a sweater for $21 altogether.
34. I have grey hair and I hate it. So please don't look for it if you see me.
35. I love board games and card games.
36. I love my maiden name, Morton!
37. I worry about what others think and need to work on that.
38. I used to bite my nails but since going to Las Vegas and being around all the smoke and dirty cabs and slot machines I can't put them near my mouth. It's been a blessing!
39. I have had one miscarriage at 6 weeks along. Before I had Nevee.
40. I wish you could order online from stores like Old Navy and have thing shipped to Canada.
41. I just purchased Legacy. A program too help me get started on my genealogy. I am excited!
42. I enjoy my church ward!
43. When we sell our house, we will build the next one.
44. I would love to have a green house one day.
45. I love to garden, flower and vegetable, but usually loose interest 2 months in.
46. I don't have patience to sun bathe.
47. I will take my kids swimming even though I don't like getting in to a swimsuit. It's all about their memories and I want them to remember me with them during fun times.
48. I love my mom! I think we are closer then ever.
49. I Love wild flowers!
50. I'm not a perfectionist but I like to try.

I need to go I'll post more later.


Krista said...

Love Love LOVE your list! I identify with the doing a lot of things for my kids because I want them to have that memory - and to have it myself, even if I feel uncomfortable physically in that situation.

Meghann Clements said...

Great list, you are already to 50, I love your honesty!!!

Bultsma Family said...

What a great list. I've got to do one.