Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Crying!

I've been telling my two oldest girls that I would get their hair cut come June, in time for summer heat. And that we would be cutting off at least 10 inches(minimum requirement) because I've always wanted to donate hair to a company that makes wigs for cancer patients and since they only take hair, free of dye, my hair was out of the question. However, I had finally had enough of their crying every time it was time brush and do their hair every day. Sooooo...... Here's Laina!

I have to say there were no tears on any ones part. The girls have been loving the fact that they can brush their own hair with ease and NO CRYING and the cause they donated to is "Wigs For Kids" I am so proud of them! Here's Pacey:

A special thank you out to "Joseph's Hairstyles" and our hair stylist Tatumn! Thank you so much!


Jenie said...

That's such a great idea. I love the cuts, they are super cute.

Krista said...

So so cute! I have a friend who lets her girls hair grow out for that same specific organization. I saw Pacey tonight in the Spring concert - very cute hair cut.

Meghann Clements said...

They both look precious and what a noble thing to do with their hair. It is definately the chopping season!!