Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I know it's been a while since I've posted so I'll give you a little update to whats been going on.
The Easter bunny found it's way to our house, the girls weren't overly spoiled, a few chocolate eggs, bum balls, chocolate bunny, jump rope, board books, bubbles and little purses. I really enjoyed our sacrament meeting and classes Easter Sunday. At 5pm we went to Kirk's grandma Hall's for dinner and then came home to pack our bags to leave in the morning to Cochrane.

So that's where I am, in the rental house in Cochrane. The house is very nice, I'll post pics of it soon. Although there isn't much in it: 1 couch, a couple camping chairs, 2 TVs, a table, and 9 mattresses on the floor in various rooms. What can I say they are men and they work all day and then come here to watch TV and sleep. What more do they need? Well I'm going to the second hand shop here to see if I can find a dresser, I hate living out of bags.

Monday the girls and I cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed all the floors and washed bedding. Tuesday we went to the library for 1 1/2 hours and then came home and made dinner for the guys. We had Chili, baked potatoes, fruit salad, tossed salad buns and chips. Today we are going to clean the fridge and vacuum again ( it has been raining pretty much the whole time and the guys are bringing in a bit of mud). I think I'll take the girls to McDonalds for lunch, they have a play place which will entertain them. I think I'll make broccoli cheese soup for dinner tonight and after we are going to go swimming. Well, better get started on the jobs i want to get done. Later!


Krista said...

Yeesh! Making all that food for all those dirty men? You're a better woman than I, Tina. Oh, by the way - Rhiannon's Birthday party is Saturday at 1:30pm, Dawn's house. Your whole family is welcome - unless Kirk would rather stay home and play with CAD ... Michael and Ben should be there though!

Sonia said...

Those men won't want you to leave if you keep treating them so good. Stop it . . . you omake the rest of us look aweful! :o)