Thursday, April 19, 2007

How awful was I?

I know I've mentioned how difficult my girls can be. Stubborn, moody, loud, and rude to name a few but this last week they have been wonderful! On Monday morning when the girls were getting ready for school I mentioned how I wanted to be a better mom and that they could help me by obeying and being nice to each other. Wow have they really taken it upon themselves to whip me into a better mother. It's been good and a little upsetting, I mean "how bad was I?" Anyway, I have found myself being more patient and accepting of their sometimes "unusual" ways. As a whole family we've been laughing and smiling alot more! They are using their manners way more than before and helping me and each other out without fighting!

I've read that people are born with their own temperament but that it can be changed in the ways they are raised and what they are around. There is hope to change them but I have to be willing to change the way I deal with things because most likely they are mimicking me. I find I'm a "yelling" mom and therefore my girls are always yelling at each other or me. So it will take 1 month for every year of my child's life to change how they react to things. Pacey 8 months, Laina 5 months & Nevee 2 months. I guess I'll have to get back to you in December to update you on our progress too change for the better.

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Krista said...

A month for every year? Yikes! Well, at least my kids are only 3 and 4 (do I have to add the extra year, since technically Rhiannon isn't 5 till June?)