Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"X" marks the spot

It's funny what kids see and how they think. As we were driving to get Pacey for lunch Laina yells out "Look mom Heavenly Father sent an "X" up there!" I looked out my window and there it was a big "X" in the sky. I asked "why do you think Heavenly Father sent it?" She replied " to show us where Jesus would come back again." All I could do was smile and wonder how she came up with that answer. As we drove around to all the errand spots and to get Pacey she kept commenting "that "X" is following us every where we go."


Julie Morton said...

awe!! that's adorable! Laina says the funniest things, she's so sweet and innocent, I'm so glad you wrote that on your blog, it made my day!!

Krista said...

I love the not so cynical view kids have on the world around us, makes me think of easier times.