Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baking, icing, dipping, drizzling

That's what going on at the Hall house. I have baked soft ginger snaps (my fave), gingerbread (Kirk's fave) and short bread cookies for 3 days straight totaling around 350 cookies, I'm sure I'll have to bake more! I have the best recipes for the soft ginger snaps and the gingerbread cookies. I have dipped and drizzled some Cinnamon Bears and pretzels in milk and white chocolate and hope to start making fondant and caramel in the next couple of days to make some chocolates and turtles. Mmmmm. NO WE DON'T EAT THEM ALL! We actually don't eat that many because I give them to neighbours, friends, family and take them to Christmas parties. I do love the smell my house has when I bake and it adds a lot of warmth on these cold days. I do, however, wish my kitchen could be cleared of all the "Christmas" baking tools and ingredients and end products so it's back to normal. That will happen in the next week, fingers crossed!

When I get into the baking my girls want to help, of course, so I give them each a piece of dough that is just for them to play with, eat and/or bake and then they can decorate their creations and enjoy. I save those apple sauce containers for purposes like this and give them popsicle sticks (new ones) to use to spread the icing.

Some of the "goods"

As for Christmas gift shopping?... I'm not even close! Kirk and I are seriously going to have to take a day here, SOON, and get it all done! Fingers crossed, again! Anyway just a little update to what's going on at the start of this Christmas season.

Oh and just for those that read my blog and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, did you know that Temple attendance goes down the most during December? I was shocked at first but soon realized why. As we are all out there decorating and shopping and baking and cleaning to get ready for the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we tend to over look how we can truly get ready for this special day! Just a thought and hope all you have a great couple of weeks in preparing for the best day of all!

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Natalie said...

hey, i'd love your soft gingersnap recipe if you're willing to share!