Tuesday, May 6, 2008

**Alaskan Quest**

As I was browsing the library shelves for a new book to read I came across this one.  It promised of adventure, romance and christianity based in 1914, in Alaska.  Which seemed fitting for my taste.  I truly enjoyed this book and when I came to the end I realized it had to be a series as it just ended too abruptly.  


So off to the library to find the second.  I found it and began turing it's pages as soon as I got home.  I finished last night and have found that there is a 3rd, thankfully.  So today I will be off to the library web site to see if it is even in the system.  If not I will try to find it at the bookstore when I go to Leth. at noon. 

A mention of the Author of this series, and many others I've come to find out, Tracie Peterson.  I find her writing enjoyable and easy to read.  I look forward to finding and reading her many other written novels. 

Speaking of author's today Stephenie Meyer's novel Host it out today.  One of the reasons I'm heading to Leth, so I can buy my own copy.  I read a excerpt of it on her website and was confused and yet intrigued by it. Click on the highlighted link "exerpt" if you want to read it.

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Krista said...

Another series? I don't think my ever lovin' sleep pattern could handle it!