Wednesday, May 21, 2008

**Daughter of the Loom**

I finished the first of this series, Bells of Lowell. It's based in 1820's in America with extraordinary changes to society and families ushered in with the Industrial Revolution. Because the author is the same as the last books I've read it seems familiar. I was able to skim through this one quickly and not feel as though I missed anything. These books are about determined young women who seem to change others with their strong personalities. In the end they find romance with an unexpected beau and find God in the meanwhile.

I believe in my last post, on books, I mentioned looking up some books from our online library. Well I did find some and requested 6 all together. 3 in another series from Tracie Peterson called Bells of Lowell. Another called Where the Heart Belongs, by the same author. Whispers of Winter was in there too. You Staying Young, by Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. Little did I realize I would receive all the books in the same day so I've been trying to get them all read in the 3 weeks before they are due back. Really it shouldn't take that long as I've been able to skim through the Bells of Lowell quite quickly. Anyway, not much else to do in this rainy weather but sit and read a bit.

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