Friday, May 16, 2008


It is so hard to believe that it is as HOT as it is outside today?! 24 above right now and forecast says it will be 31 degrees tomorrow!? WOW. HOT. So my 2 oldest are in their swim suits over at the neighbours swimming pool. They've been bugging me to set up our Inflatable Waterslide but I need to mow the back yard first and won't do that until it's cooler this evening. So Waterslide will have to wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of hot Nevee still has a fever of 38 to 40. I took her to the clinic yesterday but because she has no other symptoms the DR. wouldn't prescribe her anything because he wasn't sure what she has. So we continue with the watermelon Tylenol and the fruity Advil. I give (well, more like force) her one of each every 10 or so hours and they seem to break the fever for 8 hours. She now has a stuffy/runny nose and her right eye is kind of pink, which the Dr. noticed and prescribed some drops for. So we're waiting it out, she's a real trouper, I just wish she'd starting eating normally again. At least she's drinking water continually.

Stay cool and have a great HOT long weekend.

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