Friday, May 2, 2008


I went up to see dad this morning and he was doing much, much better.  He was watching tv when I got there.  He was sitting up and letting the light in, a bit. He even enjoyed his french toast he had for breakfast, and he kept it down.  Mom came in at 12:30 pm, after doing the chores and chasing a few cows and calves back into the right field.  The Dr. sent him home on condition he takes it easy and rests. Ya, we'll see how that will go. (I shake my head)   He also isn't allowed to operate motorized vehicles or heavy machinery, not so easy when you  live on a ranch. Again, we'll see how that goes.  The Dr. says he's anticipating a great recovery, as long as dad abides by the conditions.  I mean dad had such a blow to the head that his brain swelled and there was a small pool of blood on it, this was a serious injury!  Anyway he seems to be doing much better and will hopefully let neighbors and friends come and help him for at least a week.  Thanks for all your concern and prayers, it doesn't go unnoticed!


Krista said...

Thank heaven!
Yeah... your dad, taking it easy.

Jenie said...

That's great that everything is okay.

mom said...

ok how har behind am I. Now I have to phone your mom to see what happened!!

mom said...

sorry about the MOM thing Tina thats just how the computer puts it I don't think I did it, well, maybe I did but I don't know how. You'll just know it Aunt Char