Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just thought I should have a new post. So here's some randomness.

It's raining here still.

I wish school was finished, I know there is only 9 school days left, but I wish it was finite. At least Laina's finished so Nevee has a friend all day long now.

My garden has little green rows appearing. yay. I still need to plant my pumpkins, hopefully the rain will let up this weekend so I can get them in.

Kirk went to Lethbridge the other day to look at LongBoards, I told him if he bought one then I get a Wii. To my surprise he came home with both. We've been having a blast with the Wii, my shoulder and obliques are killing me though. You think it wouldn't really be a work out but it is and we're only playing the Wii Sports that came with the system. Can't wait to get the Wii Fitness! The girls each love a different sport, Nevee loves Bowling, Laina's the Golfer and Pacey has a grand time in the Boxing ring. Some funny things on the Wii, you can make your own Mii, which is making your own person by selecting different face shapes, hair, eyes, colorings, body shapes, sizes etc. Also on Wii Sports you can do a fitness program by bowling, playing base ball and tennis and it will calculate your "age" by how well you do. Yesterday I was deemed as 54, today I'm 46, sad, i know! Kirk however was 64. hahaha

The principal called me on Monday and asked if I'd like to be on the Parent Council? I was a little taken back but thought it would be a good opportunity to be involved more with my girls and their school, so I said yes. Yikes!

I've been slacking and letting my kids watch way too much tv. Granted this week they've been playing the Wii but still waaaay too much! I blame it on the rain! I must gain control again as they are oblivious to what is going on around them when it's on.

Absolutely love the Make Ahead Meals group!

I'm really hoping we get to go on some summer holidays!! I really need to sit Kirk down and plan something. Anyone have a suggestion of a fun camping/RVing spot?

I'm done, I have a head ache and want to go to bed! I'm thankful for the rain but am kind of tired of it. Oh well.


Tisha said...

Hey Tina, if you're looking for a great camping spot, thats not too far away, try Enchant. Its just past Taber a little ways and it is great. The spots aren't too close together, there are showers and flush toilets for the wimpy and a big camp kitchen you can use. Also, there is a little lake with a great beach and playground. There are ball diamonds and a great little ice cream shop that shows outdoor movies in the evenings (last time we were there it was the little mermaid). Its great for a quick get away because you can drive there in about an hour. There are also lots of trees, so its pretty shady! If you can't go too far, I highly reccomend it!

Kourtney said...

Sounds like your life is going great right now! When I was a kid I loved camping in COlumbia Falls (? I think it was there) and going to Big Sky Waterslides and the mini golf and maze outside of town. Those are fond memories, but things might have changed now.

Christal said...

Yah for parent coucill he called me too it will be fun ! To be involved and have a say eh!
Dang rain eh!! oh well have a good day!

Natalie said...

Tina, I love having a Wii! WiiFit is awesome and well worth it. Another good one to get you moving is Dance Revolution. It really gets you moving and is tons of fun. you can even get more mats so that 4 people can dance at the same time. i love being able to play games and exercise at the same time, especially when it's raining.

Steph said...

I can't wait to see some pictures of your garden!!
(sorry about not getting any of my stuff sent your way... I'll try better next year!)