Tuesday, August 26, 2008

**A Touch of Grace**

I finally got this book read. When was it that Krista recommended it? The beginning of June and now it's the end of August!? Oh well I guess I did get some other reading done in that time too.

A Touch of Grace
by Lauraine Snelling
I really did enjoy this book. Even though it's the 3rd book in a series of 4 I didn't find it hard to follow or feel I was missing anything from the previous books. I will, however, find the others and read them because I like series books. This book is about a 18 year old girl, Grace, who was born deaf in the late 1800's. She lives on a farm, in Blessing North Dakota, shared by her family and Aunt and Uncle. In this book it goes back and forth between her life and who she thinks she's in love with; her Aunt's life of being the "untrained" Dr. in Blessing and summer host to a good friends 18 year old boy, Jonathan Gould, who has some personal struggles and success's and love in other parts of this book. You also learn that Grace overcomes her disability, to an extent, by learning to read lips and learning sign language. It's a light, easy read and it made me think how blessed we are to live in the now-a-days where some hearing loss is correctable or there are devises to help. Hope everyone has a great long weekend and is then ready for school to begin. Happy reading everyone!

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