Sunday, January 18, 2009

From Hippie to Punk Rocker

So as you can tell with these pictures Kirk has been growing his hair out for some time now. In December we were going to cut it but never found the time. Funny thing is (or at least I think it's funny) quite a few people said they really like his long locks!?!?

I for one didn't mind too much but when Kirk asked what I'd like for my Birthday (it was on the 16th) I said: "I want you to get your hair cut." So on Thursday he brought home his moms clippers and said let's do it.

Look at that, it looks like a small dog next to my foot. Man did he have a lot of hair! So we had some fun and I cut it so he would have a...................................................................

Mohawk!!!!! Yeah Baby, the first he's ever had.

But it was way too long so I trimmed it down a few inches.

We went out to a friends birthday party Saturday night and totally shocked everyone with the new dew. That night we were going to clip it down to the rest of his hair but got home way too late and had 9 o'clock church the next day. A few of the primary boys think he's sooo cool now. I think we'll keep it, at least until his parents come home from Palm Springs in a week or so, so they can see it in real life. Happy Birthday to me!!! I love it!!!


Christal said...

thats awesome! My brother does his hair like that and he is a school teacher! Mid life thing haha!j/k why not eh! Well hope you had a great birthday! Your videos and vacation make me miss the time in florida with the kids its so fun watching them watch everything so fun! ttys

Krista said...

What a good looking Punk Rocker! I like the long locks ... I think because they are curly. I have a thing about curly hair ;)

Stephanie said...

Haha I think it looks great BOTH ways (really!!) So few guys can pull off all the 'looks' way to snag him Tina!