Thursday, June 11, 2009


I just felt like posting something, anything and this is it:

lKsdhakjfgakjfdb;aiurtyhkanfv9ae4htkanvnoa894ujlwknrg;so8576u;wkjnsdkjhadfituyo4ihn lkjt ao8q kjrht9se85yht adf
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s h opsu56no kntr,gsh9g87snob lmwro8y -woij5ylwkrj tho;sktrnh w/ltjyw
tyow oitu yw9o5jylwk jhpow un 5lknwlgnhs lituy[0pojr grgso9ru60u qamergp'aefp;l merlkh aor

Don't you just sometimes want to do that!? Hit every key on the board and not have to think about what to type!? I do, and it's kind of fun! Trust me, you should try it! Okay who can find any REAL words in that mess up there? post them in my comments, if you want too.


Natalie said...

love it tina! i see snob...

Krista said...

do you mean words that are already pre-made by your typing?

so had no snob pow gamer

Janas Bananas said...

GAme, snob, can even add the "r" and have gamer...And I do that all the time and then I delete it after and write what Ia m suppose to be doing....ALways fun I think, glad someone else does it too.

Stephanie said...

This is what I got:
so yo I snob

are you trying to tell us something?

I love the clicking of the keys...