Thursday, September 2, 2010


I realize I haven't written too much about my Ash boy so here are some things about our little boy blue!

* He started to sit up on his own at about 6 months

* He finds it funny when his sisters hide and then jump out and say "boo"

* He's only had about 6 "blow outs" if ya know what I mean ;)

* He's a weekly "pooper"

* He can drink out of a straw cup but sippies still baffle him

* At his 7 month check up he wasn't moving around as much as the health nurse liked so she set up some meetings with children's Physio. I realized that his lack of rolling and such was because he has "mommies" that will bring him anything and everything he could ever want.

* At 8 months we met with Jenny and she gave us some things to practice to help him have more tummy time. It helped a lot!

* By nine months ASH was rolling all over but she still wanted to see him try to get on his knees. More exercises.

* 1o months ASH could pivot and climb up on lower things and wiggle his little body forward. I stopped any more assessing with Jennie because he was and is progressing but he likes to do it at his own speed.

* ASH is now getting on his hands and knees and taking those sweet crawling steps.

* He still gets frustrated if he can't get what he want NOW and will have a little cry fest.

* He loves his flannel blankies and suckey to go to sleep.

* He likes a pillow in his crib

* for the first 9 months of him in his crib I had to raise one end so his head was elevated because he breathed better that way

* 8 teeth appeared in his little mouth in a matter of 3 months, beginning at the age of 4 1/2 months old (got his first 2 on our trip to DisneyLand)

* He loves his mommy the most!

* He gets excited when he sees his daddy home from work!

* His sisters still fight over holding him

* Right now (11 months) he still can't sit up on his own

* He never liked baby food

* We started him on table food .... He loved it and still does

* He gets excited when he sees a banana or a fruit cup .... he loves fruit ... and meat

* Not into breads or crackers or Cheerios

* He's in a size 4 diaper and between 12 and 18 month old clothing

* Sadly for me he wakes up at least 2 but usually 4 times in the night just to get his soother back

* He just learned to click his tung

* When he was younger men scared him ... now he's not to bad around them

* He is very loud when he "talks" to you

* He loves to play with things other than toys

* He can find the smallest piece of lint and pick it up

* He likes to try to stick his fingers in your mouth ... the girls say he's
going to be a dentist ... let's hope!

* He's 23 lbs

* He loves to stand on our deck holding on the the rail slats and just yell happily

* When he sees a dog or cat he starts to make a "ooowoooow" yelling sound and tries to move toward it.

* When he gets excited his whole body tightens and he balls his fists and shows his crocked teeth

* He is ticklish if he's in the mood

* He generally hates getting wet ... occasionally he has liked swimming in the pool but bath time in the tub ... forget it. The sink however he likes ... wonder how long this can last?

* When I carry him face forward he sticks his arms out in front of him as if he's flying

* He ride my shoulders really well ... and he doesn't even pull my hair!

* He's totally and completely loved by our family!


Steph said...

So cute!!

Godlonton Family Adventures said...

He is a cutie Tina...I'm sure his 'Mommies' love him alot!!

The Spencers said...

He is such a cutie. I had to laugh about his little "mommies", because DJ had the same problem. My little guy didn't crawl till he was 10 months old. But once he started moving we were in trouble! Loved learning more about him!