Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LeT tHe CrAzInEsS bEgIn!

It seems that I lost my mind! I have my girls signed up for more than 1 extra curricular activity this year. PL and LL are in Piano and Jazz while NJ is in singing and rhythm kids! On top of that I am on Parent Council (PAC)(this is my last year), the Family Night Live (FNL) committee, and have signed up for some craft/cake decorating classes! What was I thinking?

Yesterday it all began with a PAC meeting at 10. I am the "volunteer finder" this year, hope I can get the job done. Then a meeting for FNL at 1 today and piano for the girls starting at 4:30. And to top it all off when I got home from my FNL meeting I got out of the van opened the door for NJ to get out, shut the doors to walk around and get ASH out and "Click"!? The van locked all the doors with my keys, purse, cell phone and most important ASH inside!!!!! Luckily I had already opened the garage door. I rushed inside to see if the spare set was on the counter, no such luck! (I was pretty sure I had both sets in my purse) I quickly found AMA's phone # online and called:
"are you in a safe place?" was the first response I got
"yes!" I said.
"What assistance do you need?"
" My keys got locked in my van with my baby!!!!"
"That is high priority, where are you located?"
I gave him the info and he dispatched a truck from town to come immediately.

15 minutes from the time the doors locked the tow truck was here to my rescue! Thankfully ASH thought it was funny to watch us make faces at him through the window. I have only had AMA for a year and a half and haven't had to use it until now and how thankful I am for the speedy service it provided!

And as I said before LeT tHe CrAzInEsS bEgIn!

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Jenie said...

I accidently got locked out of my car when Lily was a baby and still inside. So scary!