Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

October 14th 2011
LL is now in the double digits!

She had a sleep over party with a friend. But first we hit the Fun Factory (like build a bear but cheaper).  
LL Monster High birthday cake.

opening gifts at home

opening gifts at grandmas
10 things you love:
  1. pepperoni pizza
  2. animals
  3. snuggles
  4. family movie nights
  5. early mornings
  6. playing the wii
  7. friends
  8. playing on the computer
  9. slushies
  10. making people happy

10 things about you:
  1. you have thick blonde haira piece in front that won't grow out because you cut it when you were 4.
  2. you don't really tan you turn a pink color
  3. you have hay fever in the spring/fall
  4. you let your little sis sleep with you every night
  5. you are patient
  6. you hate cleaning your room
  7. you are a friend to everyone
  8. you are tender hearted
  9. you wear a size 12/14 in clothing shoe size is 6 (like your mom)
  10. you are in grade 4 

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