Monday, March 24, 2014


I often pray for time to just stand still or speed by fast.  Like 6 weeks ago when our family had began our looooong drive to California, for our annual family vacation, I was silently praying the 20 hour (in two days) drive would speed by quickly for all of us. And it did!  But then when we arrived at Kirks parents California home I starting praying that time would ssssslllllooooowwww way down so we could enjoy the sunny beautiful weather.  And it seemed at times when I would check the clock I would be so happy that is was earlier in the day than I had thought.    

I know time didn't alter in anyway (other than we had to turned our clocks back an hour with the time change starting in Nevada). But I do feel my prayers were answered in a way to just feel the rest and beauty in each day or to have the headache and stress of another day slip by quickly.

I find myself looking back and wondering where the time went as I see my 8month old army crawling across the floor.  I do remember when she was born that I was excited for her to grow up and be out of that baby stage....why I don't know because now I want that little snuggle bum baby back.  Although it is fun to see her hit mile stones and become the little person she is.

WL 2 days old (this was her actual due date)
WL 8 months old sitting by herself 

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