Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coming Up

So on Saturday April 28 Pacey has chosen to get baptized. The Raymond Stake has gone back to having "stake" baptisms, which means they will fill the font every 4th Saturday of the month for those who choose to be baptized. This has made this special time a little less stressful as the Stake Primary is in charge and I don't have to book or schedule things. However it also make it a little less personal. We did make special invitations for those we invited and booked the Taylor Street church to have a dinner afterwards, so all is not lost on personalizing it. Yesterday we picked up a beautiful white dress for Pacey to be baptized in, borrowed from the Jardine's, Thanks so much!

So here we are 2 days away and I have a lot to do: buy all the food, get towels & clothes to change into for both Kirk and Pacey, hair dryer, flat iron, print programs and call everyone to remind them. Also tonight I have a Shake party at my friend Bobbi's, Kirk is coming home and tomorrow I going out with the cousins for a girls night out and then it's the big day for Pacey.
I really am trying not to stress because what really can happen? Anyways I'll post after the big day to let you know how it all went. Later

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Krista said...

Post pictures too!
We still haven't stinking well played Rook, Tina - and I'm heading home on Tuesday. If it doesn't happen this time, I will be back in July, November and December. We'll have to make a "Game Night" date and have our families come.