Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pacey's baptism

So yesterday I went out for a "girls night out" with Krista, Dawn, Maria, Aunt Charlotte, Aunt Guyla, Aunt Shelly and my Grandma and Grandpa Bowlby. OK yes, technically, grandpa shouldn't have been there but he was very welcome because he paid for us to eat at Ming's Chinese restaurant in Cardston. After which we went to a Cardston production of Oliver Twist. It was great to just sit and relax as I have been preparing and stressing about all the things I need for Pacey's Baptism.

Really, you wouldn't think you'd need much but the list seemed to get longer and longer.
To take to the Baptism:
*Towels for Pacey and Kirk
*Plastic bags for wet clothes
*dry Sunday clothes (don't forget dry undies)
*Blow dryer/flat iron (which I didn't end up using because there was no plug ins in the bathroom)
*Hair brush/hair spray
*flower for her hair
*programs (I was called Wed night and told to ask someone to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and if I wanted, musical numbers. So on Thurs morning I asked Pacey who she wanted to speak and she told me Uncle Dennis and Aunt Robyn so I called and asked and thankfully they said yes).
Children's Hymn book (I don't know why but I said I'd play the opening song, "I like my birthdays" for the confirmation program, Kirk said it sounded great and my dad said he didn't know I could play the piano that well so I guess yay for me!)
*Diaper bag for Nevee (brought the bag but forgot the bottle which she began to ask for right when the meeting started).
*Camera (for pictures before and after)
*Have another room in the church ready for the confirmation (chairs set up and I wanted a TV so the kids could watched a church movie while waiting for Kirk and Pacey to get dried and dressed. Thanks to our Bishop who had it all ready and picked a real good movie to show!)

Then, of course, I decided we should have a dinner for all those who came to support Pacey. So I made myself another list for the food prep. Kirk asked why I didn't ask for family to bring things, I guess I feel more in control when I do it all. Anyway, I bought every thing on Thursday and did a little prep Friday for a Ham, funeral potatoes, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and ice cream dessert dinner.
What to get ready and take to the Taylor Street Church:
*9am put ham in electric roaster
*wash/dry lettuce for Caesar salad
*2 laundry baskets full of plates, napkins, cups, utensils, table clothes, etc
*pick up buns from the Merc. (I ordered them on Thurs. So smart and good! Also when I went to go pick them up I found a bag on my outside door knob with a note and girls slip inside. It was from Dawn who I told about the night before that I had bought Pacey a new white dress to wear after she was baptized but thought it could use a slip. However, there just wasn't time to go and buy one, THANKS Dawn it was really great and one less thing to worry about!)
*Butter, salad dressing, all ingredients for funeral potatoes
*ice cream dessert and Popsicles for the kids
*Fresh fruit (my mother in law came over at 11:30am and took all the fruit and cut it up for me and I have to say THANK YOU! 2 water melon, 2 cantaloupes, pineapple, strawberries and they were soooo good, everyone commented. Also when she stopped by she informed me that my ham was done!? I thought I could leave it on low until about 5pm but it was done @ 11:30 am. Sooo I cut it all up and put it in the fridge then plugged the roaster in at the Taylor Street church @ 3pm on low just to heat it through again. I only freaked for a minute and realized it wasn't hopeless, all turned out great.)
*Set up tables and chairs
*Set out table cloths, cups, plates, utensils (my good friend Bobbi came over to help us set up, she cut all the buns, mixed my potatoes, and then took the reins and left the baptism first so she could have every thing ready for when we all arrived. With that she brought ice from her house for the water, bought yellow daisy center pieces for the tables, [she said they were just missing something]. She took pictures of all the happenings for us, and washed all the dishes and made sure water pitchers and bun baskets were full! She is so amazing I really appreciated it, it made me enjoy the day more and not so stressed.

So there's all the "list" stuff if not oh well it's over and it was a great, special day for Pacey!

I have to say that Friday night at the play my Grandma Bowlby told me how excited she was to be coming and then said that it is a very important day and that everything should be happy and memorable for Pacey. I took her words and thought about how I was kind of making the whole day seem dreadful with sooo much to do when really I should be excited and willing to just make this day special for Pacey. It turned my anxiety and stress to pure joy of wanting to make this day great for my oldest daughter. How proud I am of her!

Sorry, I know this is a lot to read but it has been a great day with so many memories that I just had to get down before I forgot. Pictures will come tomorrow, a good Sunday activity, right?!


Jenie said...

Sounds like a great, special occasion. Congratulations Pacey!

Meghann Clements said...

WOW Tina, can we say SUPER MOMMA!!! You go girl!! Your girls are so lucky to have you!!!

Krista said...

I'll have to keep grandma's words in mind when I go to prepare for Rhiannon's baptism. Though with us in Texas and my family in Canada and Jerry's in Oregon - there won't be as many people to stress over.