Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chicken pox, Vegas and home

On the week end Pacey woke up with chicken pox. She is my only one who didn't get the vaccine. Why you may ask, well because when they offered it to us she was over the age limit to get only one shot and at the time it was $40/ shot and she needed 2. Kirk and I just didn't have $80 to use for this vaccine. By the time my other girls were old enough for the shot it was free and we just never thought about getting it for Pacey. She is the WORST when it come to needles, she FREAKS out so much that it is real embarrassing. Anyway her case of Chicken pox is so mild! She has quite a few BIG ones and many tiny ones, like little pimples. She hasn't been itchy, only when we talk about it. She is on the mend and the health nurse said there is no reason she can't go to school but Pacey is feeling very conscious that the kids might tease or stare at her because of the spots on her face. So I am keeping her home until next week which is nice because we can all sleep in. And Pacey has really enjoyed playing Barbies with Nevee and it's been a great time for them to bond more when Laina is in PM Kindergarten. Honestly I don't think the Barbies have been played with this much ever!

Kirk is in Vegas until Friday for the World of Concrete Show, amazing I know, that there is a show for concrete. What's real amazing to me, though is our MIKE phones work great with this distance, we'll find out if it will cost anything extra because it's USA to Canada!?

Also Julie is home now and yesterday was in great spirits. She is at her and Kevin's apartment and mom is staying there for as long as she's needed.


Krista said...

Lucky Pacey! When I got the chicken pox I was COVERED with itchy, icky red marks. It was HORRIBLE!

Steph said...

Stinkin pox! lol But let's be honest.. getting to stay home and play with Barbie's? Can life get any better - I truly think NOT!
Good to hear Julie is doing well.. I am not super familiar with your fam but I am assuming she is a sister??