Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the number 30

What does it mean to you? To me it means my age, yes I turned 30 this month and guess what? ... I feel no different. Here is my Birthday Cake!
A homemade Rolo Ice Cream cake. I "bought" this service from a friend in my ward, at an Enrichment night, for $800 in Mormon Mulla. So I had her make it for my birthday. I bet there is 30, 000 calories in this cake, but boy was it Delish!

That being said, 30 also means the amount of weight I want to loose by the end of this year! Is this an unreal goal? I don't know? But right now, I'm willing to try.

In this update to my "getting healthy and loosing weight", as I have posted on my Blog page, there is good news and not so good news. First the not so good, as of today i haven't lost more than 5 lbs since Jan 2007. My gym membership ended last October and I haven't kept up my weight training or any other exercise for that matter. Now for the good news, I HAVEN"T GAINED any weight in the last year! More good news is that I have now realized that when I was using weights and doing a little cardio (even if it was only for 1 hour every 2 days) my body did change for the better, even though the weight really never came off. Also I felt much better then than I do now. Other good news is that I have been drinking at least 1 liter of water every day (I know I need to drink more but it's a start).

This month Kirk and I decided to buy and elliptical, I love it! My goal is to be able to do the 30 minute "weight loss" programed setting it has by the end of February. Right now I am in a good sweat on the lowest setting only being able to go for 15 minutes.

Kirk putting it together, with the girls "help".

We bought it from Sears. This was a better picture of it, mine all turned out blurry.

I also joined a free online calorie counter and it has helped me keep track of my food intake and calories burned, which has made it easier to understand.

So 30 to me means a whole new adventure, goals worth reaching and a better way of living.


Krista said...

Some how I think I totally missed your birthday! Sorry!
I also LOVE using the elliptical at the gym! Because you do not have to raise your feet off the petals my knees prefer the smooth transitions MUCH better than the treadmill.
I punched up my exercise regime this week and added an hour of aqua fit. It's not just for old ladies! ALL my muscles have been sore since an hour after my first class.
Oh and by the way ... that cake looks SOOOO incredibly good! I am so glad no one have given me the opprotunity to have that in MY house. I'd have ate the whole thing by myself. No, seriously - I would have! I have NO self control when it comes to rolos.

The Spencers said...

Happy late 30th Birthday Tina!!! I also turned 30 not long ago and I agree I don't feel any different!! That's awesome that you didn't gain any weight in 2007...wish I could say the same! That's a great goal. I seriously need to do some type of exercise...sometimes I think chasing after the girls has to count for something.

Jenie said...

Happy Birthday Tina!!! Good luck with your goals.

Krista said...

Tina ... I seriously come to your blog at least a couple times a day to just look at that cake. I am obsessed. Seriously, it can't be healthy. You need to make a new post so the picture of the cake isn't just sitting there ... waiting for me to click back to it ...