Monday, February 4, 2008

For Krista

So I am updating my blog so that the first thing you see won't be the Rolo cake. So what to blog, what to blog? How about my loooooooooong list of things I want to renovate and finish in and out of my house!?

1. Move laundry down stairs. (I know every loves there laundry upstairs but this would create another bed room upstairs. We would actually use it for Kirk's office. Plus it will help when we do get ready to sell, 3 bedrooms up 2 bedrooms down.)

(Laundry room now, 3rd bedroom in future!?)

2. Cover in the built in shelving unit so we can build a closet in the 3rd bedroom and cover in the second door in the kitchen that takes you into the 3rd bedroom. (Who needs 2 doors to one bedroom? Especially one that comes from the kitchen?)

(Second door into 3rd bedroom)
(Ugly brown, fake wood, built in shelving unit)

3. Empty 3rd bedroom and rip up flooring and base board. (OLD LYNO in laundry room)

4. Instal new base board and re paint whole room.

5. Instal new unerlay and carpet and furnish with office stuffs.
(New Carpet for all bedrooms)

6. Epty our bedroom, remove carpet.
(The old carpet that is in all bedrooms)

7. Instal new carpet and refurnish.

8. Empty Nevee's bedroom, remove carpet.

9. Touch up painting. Instal new carpet and refurnish and decorate.

10. Repaint the hallway and bathroom.

11. Remove old bathroom countertop and base.

12. Install new bathroom counter, sink, and faucet.

13. Re paint living and dinning area.

14. Remove old kitchen cabinets, counters and cupboards.

(Old kitchen cabinets and counters)

15. Replace with new counters and cabinets. Also get a NEW fridge (we've never had a new fridge) and hood for stove or a new microwave we can put above the stove that has the stove hood built in.

16. Removeold laminate throughout all upstairs.

(Old Laminate)
17. Install new Bambo flooring in Kitchen, dinning and hallway area.
18. Install carpet in living area. (same as bedrooms)
19. Take out wall in front entrance and repaint.
20. Install tile in front entrance.
There you have it 20 things that I would like done, just in my upstairs, some time in the near future. Do you think it's too much to ask?! I don't know but it's worth a thought.
Next time I'll blog about the down stairs and then the outside stuff I would like finished.


Krista said...

lol... I didn't even let myself scroll down far enough to see the cake. Thanks Tina!
I love all the improvements that you want to do to your house! I, too, am excited about reno's to my house ... though I would bet you $1000 that ALL your reno's get done before the master bath in my house gets the last few tiles laid.

Kourtney said...

There is a website called, It has lots of cute layouts and tells you how to put them on your blog. BUT it will delete all you page elements like links and you orbitz counter, but you can always put these back on after. I download paper and then up load it into my HTML for my blog, but it would be way to hard to explain how to do. I have to come to Canada for Bookers wedding in May or June so I could come over and show you if you want!

Natalie said...

a note about bamboo. it's a great hardwood, but in our dry climate it doesn't do so well. i've heard from several people that it dries and starts to splinter.