Monday, February 25, 2008

My splurge

Before, I had an "open" garbage by my stove, I never really liked it and then I seen this wonderful unit at a friends house and just had to splurge and get one, the next day! I found it at Costco for $40 and although I never thought I'd spend that much on a garbage can, I must say I LOVE IT! No having to touch the garbage can, or see the garbage or smell the garbage. What a great invention! You can check it out here.

Size: 11 Gallon

Material: Stainless Package

Weight: 11 Pounds

Dimensions of Can: 14.5 in X 10.5 in X 27.5 in

Dimensions of Box: 16 in X 12.5 in X 27.5 in


Krista said...

The link on this post sends me to someone else's blog ... is that what you intended? Anyway, what's so great about the garbage can? Does it open automatically? repress smells? do tell!

Steph said...

I'm with the comment above! I totally believe you that you love it.. but I need more info. My garbage is a standard Wal-Mart buy and I don't love it - but I was unaware that there was bigger and better out there. I saw that it was 11 gallons but that means nothing to me, is that the size for a regular black bag?? We definitely need MORE info on your new discovery!!