Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So a week ago I booked an appointment for Nevee to get her pics taken at Super Store photo center for today (Feb 27) at 5:40pm. She has been sooo excited because I have Pacey and Laina's new black and white, 8 x 10 school pics framed and haven't got a new pic of her yet.

(Not a great picture, with all the reflections but you get the idea)

So today was to go as planned, get up, dressed, eat, get Pacey off to school, 11:30am make lunch for Laina and Nevee, Laina off to school at 12pm and make Pacey lunch, 12:45 take Pacey back to school, gas the car up, 1pm pick up Julie for lunch, take Julie back to work @ 1:45, get the mail and .... Nevee falls on her face at the post office, cuts her lip inside and out!?! So with a big fat lip, a little scratch and bruising I tried to cover it up with my concealer but to no avail. Sad Nevee

Fat lip growing

I rescheduled her pics appointment to next Thurs (who knows when it will totally go away), which she isn't that sad about because she said she doesn't want a picture with an owee(thankfully). I don't know how it happened I turned around and she was face down on the sidewalk with her hands behind her? Why didn't she use them to help brace her fall?
My poor Nevee girl!

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Kourtney said...

Poor thing! At least she opted to wait so you don't have fat lip pics on your wall!