Thursday, April 3, 2008


So Krista has inspired me to read more.  Other than my 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon a night I have now been to the library and gotten a few books out and will be posting my comments and views on them.  Hope it's not too boring for you.  
So I finished this one last week:

I believe I've said it before but I love reading about the Amish and Wanda E. Brunstetter has been my favorite "Amish" writer so far.  This is the first in a series dealing with sisters.  I so enjoy books that have sequels and then some.   Pretty much about an Amish family and their troubles and strengthening faith in God, through those troubles.  The time period is set in the now-a-days, 2000's.  Sadly I am 29th in line to get the next one, A Sisters Test, from the Library                                                                                    

This one I just finished 2 nights ago and enjoyed too.  A little risqué when it came to their "mating" as they put it.  I could have done with out those parts, but I did enjoy the read.
It's set in the 1830's in the Lakota land which is in the south/west parts of the USA.  This is also a set of 3 books and I have requested the next 2 from the Library and hope to get them soon.

I guess you can tell I love reading about the more "simpler" times.  That may sound weird as even though these 2 books are in totally different time periods, both groups live a very hard working, do everything-by-hand kind of life.  And in the 1800's just surviving brutal winters, famine and enemies doesn't really sound simple. However, the Amish live a simple life, without "worldly" things as do the Lakota (or any of the Natives or Pioneer's in that time period) with the exception that "worldly things did begin to be invented in this time. And for each of them honesty, integrity, staying true and the Faith in, their own God('s) means more than anything.  I just love them.


Krista said...

I ADORE that you have started posting entries about the books you're reading! I've kinda of felt like a geek for doing it - but knew posting about what I was reading would force to me diversify my reading (I'm a die hard romantic).
I couldn't handle waiting for a book from a library, or the next book in a series - I have NO patience when it comes to stuff like that. So if I look at the cover when I'm at the 1/2 Price Book store and it's one of a series and they don't have the WHOLE series - out it goes!

Steph said...

Ooohh I got some gooders for you to read!! I will email them to you!
How dare you post a book that has mating in it! I am appalled Tina.

Danielle Douglas said...

I'd love to send you a complimentary copy of A Sister's Hope. We are the publicity firm that represents Wanda's books. Just email me at to find out how.