Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I love Spring!

Yesterday in our pre school class we were asked what our favorite season was and mine is Spring! I love hearing the birds, seeing new grass growing, going out to the ranch and picking wild flowers, seeing all the baby animals run around, the warmer weather (even though we got some snow yesterday morning), I love not being too hot or cold. I truly enjoy just putting on my Capri's and t-shirt with flip flops and maybe a sweater and going out side to work in my garden (flower and vegetable). Sure, in Alberta, it's too early to start planting anything right now but I like preparing the spaces so I'm ready to get those seeds and plants into the ground. I think today I may plot out my vegetable garden (on paper) because I'm just so excited thinking about the beauty and miracle of growing things. Today Kirk and I are going to head into Leth. to go and find Pacey a birthday gift as she is turning 9 tomorrow?! Wow just typing that I have a 9 year old is crazy and stunning. Anyway, I may even get to some of the in store nurseries to get ideas for my flower bed. I am so excited! Hope everyone has a great Spring day today, I know I will because the sun is shining (even though it is -7 outside)!

Just a little note: I am on Mac but on the windows side (when starting Mac you can choose mac or window sides, I think it's a program we bought so Kirk could use Architectural Desk Top on Mac as it is not a mac program, anyway) and I have to say writing this post is not as nice because on the mac side any typing errors I make would show up underlined in red so I could change them instantly rather that clicking the spell check at the top. Just one more thing I like about Mac! (hope this makes sense)


Krista said...

My PC does that underline thing when I type words incorrectly too. Maybe it's a special setting?

Geesh, a 9 year old. I can't believe you're my age and have a 9 year old. That really is weird.

Happy Birthday Pacey!

Jenie said...

I love spring too! Mostly I think because it is so refreshing after dealing with months of winter.

Tisha said...

Hooray for spring!! I completey agree with you. And thank you SO much for the flowers, they are just the cutest! Daffodils are one of my all time faves!!!