Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crazy house

That was my house today!  Starting at 7am when my friend dropped of her daughter (Becka) who I offer watch while she went to work. Then at 9am Nevee's little friend (Shayla) stopped by to play too.  At 11 they all wanted to have a picnic on the deck so I whipped up some peanut butter and honey sandwiches and some fruit for them.  At 12:10pm Laina and Becka headed off to school so I was left with the younger 2.  They had played outside for most of the morning so I said they could watch a movie, in goes Barbie Pegasus.  At 2:30 I get a phone call from Sarah's (another of Nevee's friends) mom who says Sarah wanted to play. *Sigh* Actually this worked out well because I told her that in a 1/2 hour I needed to go pick up my girls from school plus a friend (another Shayla) Pacey was having over after school, and so she offered to have Nevee and (little) Shayla over at her house until I got back from getting the school kids.  It worked out great because I was able to have a quick shower and get the mail all by myself.  When I got back with 3 hyper school girls we went and got Nevee, (little) Shayla and Sarah.  They played outside for an hour and then all + Sarah's brother, Sam, came in because they wanted an "after school snack".  So I grabbed some apple sauce, grapes, fish crackers and granola bars, sat them at the counter and let them eat. When all seven of them were finished they headed down stairs to play.  Then my sister stopped by to hang out for a bit and by 5:30pm Kirk came home and then Sarah's mom called and told me to send her and her brother home for supper.  2 down, 2 more to go.  By 6pm (Pacey's friend) Shayla's mom came by to pick her up and shortly after that (little) Shayla headed home for her supper.  By this time Kirk had already dived into the left over chili burgers and was getting ready to head up to Cardston with our Tax stuff for his brother Brandon to do.  Julie was still here and I didn't have anything in mind to make for supper so off to Subway we went.  After that Jules headed home and I tubbed the girls quickly and had them into bed at 8:30pm.  *Yawn*Sigh*Sink into Couch*  Sadly I think I could easily live like a hermit, thankfully I have kids who have friends that prevent that, although I do hope for a more peaceful day tomorrow.  Good Night!

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Krista said...

what a busy day! I think some days I am glad Rhiannon isn't a very popular kindy kid and Brogan doesn't know how to be friends ;)