Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stiff and rewarding

Yesterday, in the midst of all the kids coming and going, I found 1/2 hour to do a little work out. I started on my elliptical and then moved on to doing a few upper body weight lifting moves on my exercise ball.  Today my arms are stiff and sore but I feel good.  
Here's a little FYI that I find humorous and yet very rewarding: 
You all know those days I was reading the Twilight series!? Well I was so absorbed in them that I didn't find any hankerings for chips, chocolate or soda and therefore lost 5 lbs in those 5 days!!!! lol  Yes you read it right! How funny is that?! It has kicked me back into the swing of things when it comes to exercise and a nutritious diet.  Anyway just thought I'd give you all a little laugh, at my way to loose weight; just read the Twilight series. hahahaha. 
Note: This weight loss technique may not work for all individuals. Regular exercise and healthy diet are necessary for an over all healthy life style:)

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Krista said...

hahahaha, you're killing me with the Twilight series! I can't believe you lost 5 lbs READING! So unfair!
I know, even when I am sore from working out, if feels better than when I haven't ...