Thursday, April 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

So I've mentioned that Kirk got a new computer,but I must say I use it every day while he's at work because I just love it.
Here it is: 20" screen that accommodates all the "tower stuff".  Yup, this all of it!  No Tower! I love it!

Last weekend Kirk and I went up to Ikea with some friends and while we were there Kirk remembered we needed to get 2 more stools for our counter.  I told him we needed to get the ones that were $19.50 because I was sure the ones we previously bought, 4 years ago or so, were that much $.  He insisted that they were only on sale and that we needed the ones that were $24.50 because they were the same size as the ones we had at home.  I just let him decide and who do you think was right?  Do you see the difference? Oh well, the girls like them.

When I get some more time I'll post our Easter pics and Pacey's Birthday and anything else that happened in between.


Krista said...

lol... did he admit he was wrong? or just point out how well they fit the girls ;)

Steph said...