Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm infatuated!

Yep, that's been me since I started to read the Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series last Thursday (April 17Th) at 2pm. So here's how it all happened; a dear friend of mine offered to take my girls for a few hours so I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. When they left I picked of my copy of Twilight and began to read. I was hooked, at least I thought I was until I got to page 162 and from then on I was more than hooked I was infatuated! After a few hours I realized it was 5pm and I had to make myself put the book down so I could go pick up my girls and start supper. All that was on my mind was that I wanted to just sit and finish reading but my more important obligations prevented me from indulging back into the book. That night was a Pampered Chef party I had committed going to so I wasn't able to pick the book up until about 9pm, when the kids were in bed. I read to 2 in the morning. Yikes! I honestly had no idea how late it was.

Friday morning I got up and breakfasted (is that a word?) the kids and began to read where I left off. At 11:30am I knew I had to put it down and get us ready to go and have a play date with the cousins, in Lethbridge. As fun as it was to have a little BBQ and take the kiddies bowling all that was really on my mind was Edward and Bella. sigh!

We made it home at 5:20, just in time to make a quick supper (right now I can't even remember what I threw together) and then headed to Pacey's piano recital. She did so very well! She is so good under pressure. Anyway, we went for a little cruise around "Raytown" and as soon we got into the house and got the kids in bed I started where I left off. I read until I finished all 498 pages and then realized the first chapter of the next book, New Moon, was at the back and I proceeded to devour the next 30 pages as if it were necessary to keep me living, it was 2:30am. Yikes! Then I had the tiniest twinge that I shouldn't have as it was such a cliffhanger and I didn't have the second book. ahgg. That slowly faded when I realized I would be going to Lethbridge Saturday night and I would just buy the next two books.

I was so glad it was Saturday morning so I could sleep in, my last 2 nights had been so late but at 9:30am my mother in law called and told us we were invited to Kirk's cousin's Temple Sealing at 2pm, as many would not be able to go because of the weather, and that they would take us there and would be leaving at 12:30. (Which made me think of Becka because she was running the 16 K in Lethbridge and by the way GOOD GOING! You are awesome!) So at 12:30 we headed to Cardston and thankfully my mind wasn't so clouded with Edward and Bella that I was able to enjoy the sealing and the special peace you feel when at the Temple.

We got home at 3:30pm, just in time to pick up the girls and the baby sitter I scheduled for, change and head out to Lethbridge with our friends, Cort and Karli. We stopped at Home Depot and then went for Sushi. (I never thought I would like sushi but I have to say I love it!) Karli wasn't looking so hot, literally, she was freezing and her lips were turning a light blue she said she felt fine just that she was cold. She started to take deeper breaths to increase her oxygen and by the time we finished eating she was doing better. I was anxious to get to Chapters but it was closed by the time we were finished eating. So off to Wal Mart to pick up a few things, milk, pancake syrup, cinnamon toast cruch, and of course New Moon and Eclipse. Sadly I only found the 3rd installment but bought it because I was sure I could find someone I could borrow it from. Sure enough I mentioned it to my babysitter and they had all 3. I asked if it would be alright to borrow the 2nd one and she said sure. So I dropped her off and she handed me New Moon, I was so giddy I could hardly stand the 45 second drive home. Kirk decided to go over to Cort and Karli's to watch "Beowulf" (yuck!) with Cort, because he knew I didn't want to see it and Karli was going to bed. So lucky me I got to snuggle up in the couch and read my lovely addiction. It was 9pm when I started, Kirk got home at about 11pm but got on to his X-Box 360 to play online with his friends. It was 3am when we looked at the clock and decided we'd better go to bed. Thankfully we have 1 o'clock church.

The girls didn't seem to care that I'd only been asleep for 5 hours when they loudly exclaimed that they were hungry. I dragged myself out of be and got them some cereal and went to lay back down. My sleepiness only last until 9am so I got up and began to read where I left off. I really was trying to read this book fast because it was loaned to me from someone's personal library and I was determined to give it back ASAP. At 11:30am I got lunch for the girls and while they ate I got ready for church and then got them ready. We were ready by 12:15, hummm? I thought, "I could get 1/2 hour of reading in". And I did. Church was great I even controlled my thoughts about Edward and Bella and now Jacob, as I listened to the talks and lessons during our block. We got home at 4:30ish and I began to read until it was time to head to Kirk's parents for supper. I brought the book along, probably rude but like I stated earlier I wanted to finish it SOON, so they didn't regret lending it to me. I read off and on until 6:30 when I had to drop Kirk off to go home teaching and then tidied the house because our home teachers were coming at 7. As I waited for Kirk and our HT's I read while the girls destroyed what I tidied. Oh Well. We got the girls into bed and I started to read and finished, all 550+ pages of New Moon, at 9:30 and then ran it to the rightful owners. I had it for only 24 and 1/2 hours, I must say I'm impressed with myself. As soon as I sat down I began Eclipse and by 1am I had to put it down because I was tired and school was the next day.

After Pacey was off to school I sat down and read in peace as our neighbour called and asked if Nevee and Laina could play with her girls. NICE! My visiting teachers stopped by for a bit and then I started lunch and after that I had to take Nevee to pre school. I was really not in the mood for it, which is totally not normal for me as I love the one on one time with Nevee as much as I love my parent class. However, I was the snack mom so I needed to go. When the parent class started I was thankful I went as it was a presentation on "how to" and "when to" and "why to" starting talking to ykids about S E X. AHHHHH! I thought I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable but I wasn't and I learned a lot about Hows, Whys and Whens (inregards to teaching the kids not the actual "act").

Anyway, I picked up the kiddo's and came home ready to read. I got a couple of hours in and then we headed to a birthday party. I was glad I was able to do the dishes as Karli still wasn't up to par and she need to just sit after she made her famous homemade pizza's for the party. yummm!

We got home put the girlies to bed and guess what I did?!? I read, of course. Until 1 in the morning, again. Honestly every time I had to put the book(s) down I felt like I was missing something, someone?

Tuesday I committed to watch my friends little girl while she was at work so I was up at 6:30 but not coherent enough to read until Pacey was off to school. I read off and on for hours, stopping only for the necessary things like feeding the kids, dressing the kids, driving the kids to school and back, making supper and then I had to go to the RCMP station to give my statement about Julie's phone call to me when she had her accident. It went smoothly, more smoothly than I thought and I was in and out of there in 15 minutes.

I got home in time to clean up supper and then went back to reading until 8:30. Then I had a YW's meeting at the church. After waiting for 45 mins with the Miamaid leaders we decided that it must have been canceled and went home. We put the kids to bed and I began the last of my addiction. I finished the last page, 629, at midnight. Today I even went back to read some of my favorite parts, which I've never done before. These books are spell binding and seductive. I love them! I think this weekend I may start them all over!?! And to make things look so much brighter in the future the 4th book is coming out on August 2nd this year followed by the movie Twilight on December 12th. I am sooooo excited!

Kirk loves Vampires and so I've got him reading Twilight but he doesn't have as much time on his hands as I do so it's taking him longer, and I have to admit he was a little perturbed that I finished all three when he's only on page 218.

Today I've been swooning as I've thought and rethought about all the vivid scenes my mind has made while reading this series. It's been nice to sit here and think about the last 5 days of glorious reading. However I now look around and see that the 51 hours I read out of the 130 hours available to me during those day I have let my house get destroyed and have mounds of neglected laundry, toys upon toys to organize and put away and getting my kids and myself back into our regular routine. Sigh. At least I have my thoughts to cling to as I dive into the mess I let go way too far.

Here's Stephenie Meyer's web page. Hope you all enjoyed the last few days as much as I have!


Krista said...

lol... do you realize you just used the word "swooning"? I LOVE that! I always start using words that are involved in the books I read when I get VERY involved with them.
You have to be at least the 10th person to read and LOVE this series. I think I may have to join the bandwagon...

Tisha said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone!! I completely understand the obsession, as I, too, am a HUGE Stephanie Meyer junkie! I can't wait for the next book in August. That will be a day I'm not going to be available!!

Dawn said...

ROFL...I did practically the same thing!! The girls at the store were going on and on about this series so I finally decided to read the first one...well you know what happens next=) Is this the reason for the PJ's while picking the kiddlets up from school?lol

Jenie said...

I think I am going to need to read these, as everyone who I've talked to LOVES them!