Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Ordinary Heroes"

I had mentioned before that I had gotten a few books from the Library a couple of weeks ago and this was one of them waiting for me to read. 

 I have to say that from my last book feast I had a hard time even wanting to read another book but I did force myself to begin this one.  I really did try, honestly, but I found some of the language in it bothered me and I couldn't concentrate as much as would have liked. Therefore, I only got to the middle of chapter 2 and then skipped to the last 2 chapters in this book.  I'm not too sure what spoiled it for me?  The swearing?  The fact that I think nothing can  compare to the joy I felt as I read the Twilight series?  Or that my eyes are having a hard time focusing (I think I used them too much last week)?  Whatever the reason I didn't get into this book like I thought I would.  Oh well, I got the gist of it and that was ok for me.  The next one I have is a "Gardening in Alberta" by a lady who lives in Magrath AB, I believe. I hope to find some great advice and help as I start to plan out my vegetable garden and flower beds for this year.  

I must admit I'm  still "swooning" a bit but am closer then ever to the reality that awaits me.  Hope every one is having a happy and sunny day like we are.  


The Spencers said...

I had to laugh about your "twilight" post!! I too read the first and couldn't stop. So I had to go buy them. They were so good. I neglected my kids (Richard was in Calgary) those 3 days!! Oh well, they still survived! I haven"t read a book in ages i really need to go try some of the ones you've talked about! Enjoyed reading your posts! HOpe you guys are doing good!

Krista said...

Eh, not every one can do the WW II books and all they entail (language), I just got really involved in the characters.
Dawn ordered the Twilight series and is having it delivered here. So I will dive in to it some time this week.
No sleep week, here we come!