Friday, April 11, 2008

Pacey's 9?

So yes I have a 9 year old.  I can't even believe it?!  This year we told her that we would take her and one friend to a movie and out to shop.  
Last October a family moved from Calgary and their daughter and Pacey have become the bestest of friends!  I am so glad, as Pacey has never really had any close friends and as opposite her and Shayla are they get along great.  Well, as good as "girls" get along, you remember how is was!?  Anyway here are a few pics we took along the way to a fun birthday night, just for Pacey.


Krista said...

What a fun time for Pacey! This year will be the first that we throw Rhiannon a REA: birthday party with more than two family friends ... we'll have to see how it goes.

Jenie said...

Happy Birthday Pacey, and a great idea for a party!