Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sealed Forever!!!

For some odd reason as I type it automatically underlines and turns the words blue?  I am confused and don't know how to stop it?  I continue with this post because it is special and needs to be posted this evening, because today, May 10th, is Kirk's and my 11th wedding anniversary.  I have posted pictures of our wedding invitation photo and of our wedding day.  I had to do this by taking pictures of the original pics because we didn't have digital pics back in the day! hahaha. So they aren't very good and I don't have a scanner. Sorry!

This is our invitation pic, taken at Henderson.

This is my fave, it was blurry to begin with but it is so sweet (look at that the underlining and blue stopped? I am so confused) Having a little nap in between all the chaos.

First coming out of the Cardston Temple.

Our Carriage ride around Cardston.

I love this pic too. So young, so in love!

This is us now, 11 years later, still youngish and still oh so much in love!


Krista said...

I love that picture of you and Kirk taking a nap. Way too cute!
I think the underlining thing has to do with the order you write and place pictures. I've discovered if you don't write then put in the pictures - that's the result you get.

Christal said...

Tina I just had to comment because we were married 11 years ago
may 2nd and the funny thing is our pictures almost look the same I have like the exact carriage picture almost, and the decorations you have on the wall was like the same as ours makes me feel better cause I posted my old wedding pics and then I felt kind of old! But at least it was what people did back then eh! Love your cute blog too! Love the nap picture that is priceless!