Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1 dream come true

Not that the exact situation was one of my dreams but the concept of getting something I enjoy for free is more like it. That is what happened for me today, because of my blog and because of Krista. Yes you Krista, for starting to review the books you've read on your blog and me following in suit. Thank You!
Let me start by saying that a few months ago I found a setting where I could be emailed any time someone commented on one of my posts, so I set it up. Good thing I did as I don't go back to previous posts to see if there are any new comments. So today I get emailed that I have a new comment on my post "Be A Reader", it says: I'd love to send you a complimentary copy of A Sister's Hope. We are the publicity firm that represents Wanda's books. Just email me at to find out how. So I emailed her and this is how it went:
From me:
Hi, I'm Tina Hall. You made a comment on my Blog Post, "Be A Reader", about a complimentary copy of Wanda's book, A Sister's Hope. Sounds wonderful to me, I have truly enjoyed reading Wanda's books. I generally have to wait months for her books from my local Library so I haven't been able to read them all, yet. Thank you for checking out my blog, I'd love to be sent this book. Thanks, Tina
From Publicity Firm:
Great! All I’ll need from you is your mailing address (so that I can send it to you) and the URL of your blog and we’ll send you a copy. All we ask in return is that you do a review of the book on your blog at some point.

In fact, if you’re interested I’ll add you to our regular list of bloggers and you can choose from dozens of different books to blog about. If you’re an avid Christian fiction writer, we can definitely keep you with a steady stream of incoming books to read. And, again, all we ask is that you blog about the book at some point.

My information is below if you’d ever like to contact me for any reason.

All the best,
From me:
Sounds too good to be true! I love to read and especially love Christian Fiction. I'll for sure be posting a review of all the books I read. I am from Canada hope that's not a problem!? I would love to be a regular in your list of bloggers. This is like a dream come true, I love to read. May I ask how you came across my blog? I am very happy you did.

Mailing address is:
Tina Hall
Box 1384
245 South 50 West
Raymond, Alberta, Canada
T0K 2S0

My URL is: Hope that's my URL as I really don't know what a URL is.

ps. I would love to blog about the fact that you have invited me to be apart of reading and reviewing great books. Would that be okay? What info can I give to those who would also love to be apart of this? Thanks again, Tina
From Publicity Firm:
Because we represent A Sister’s Hope by Wanda Brunstetter I have a google alert for any web references to the book. Your blog came across my in-box when you posted about it. J

As for living in Canada that’s not really a problem. It’ll take you longer to receive books, but that’s about it. We’ve got another blogger that lives in Alberta and she usually gets her books in about 3 weeks. That’s what I’d tell you to expect, on average, but of course it’ll probably vary some.

I’ll put you on our list and you’ll start getting emails from us about books that are available. Just email us if the book interests you and we’ll send it to. If it doesn’t interest you, just let us know that you’ll pass.

All the best,
And then funny enough I get this email from her an hour later:
My number is up! Please be aware that I've been called to Jury Duty today (Thursday, June 5th) and have no access to email during the business day. I will return your email as soon as possible, however, I do not know the length of time that I will be asked to serve.If you have an emergency or you have an issue that is time sensitive, please contact Rebeca Seitz. She'll be able to assist you until my return.Please also note that our address has changed. Our new address is 110 Third Street, Fulton, KY 42041. Please update your address book accordingly. I will respond to your email as soon as possible upon my return.
Funny eh!
So there you have it, I love to read and now I get free books! Yay ME! You may have noticed I asked a few questions of whether I could share this info. And as you read you seen I didn't get an answer so I'm posting about it anyway. I figure anyone who happens to read the comments of my "Be a Reader" post will find this lady's email and try it themselves. Go for it! Anyway better go. Hope it all makes sense as I'm trying to hurry because I need to go. Happy Reading Everyone!


Jenie said...

That is so cool! Who would've thought you would get free books out of commenting on those that you've read!

Krista said...

THAT is STINKING AWESOME! I am so glad you followed my lead, what can I say, I'm a natural born ... reader ;) haha ... like the play on words?