Friday, July 18, 2008

Better Prepared

Pacey and Laina begged me to sign them up for the Library reading program this year "Laugh Out Loud"! So I did with the stipulation that they walk/ride bikes to and from it, they agreed. On Wednesday, however, we all learned a valuable lesson.

I was on the phone with my mom, looking out the window at the crazy grey clouds above me, blowing quickly to the south, when what looked like a white ice cube fell on my lawn. "I think a piece of hail just fell" I said to mom and then it hit me, "It's 3:15 and my girls aren't home yet!" To which my mom said "you'd better go get them" click. I grabbed Nevee and the keys and in the matter of those seconds it was pouring hail. As I tried to shield Nev and get into the car the hail stung every time it hit. Once inside and on our way down the street I was scouring the sidewalks for two frantic girls on their way home. Nothing. I pulled up as close as possible to the back door of the library, as I opened the door Kristi was coming out and said "they sent them home!?" I ran in to see for sure if my girls were sent home. They were. I drove home like a mad woman, praying and bawling that my girls were safe. I ran into the house calling their names, nothing. I grabbed my cell and headed back to the car and down main street, again looking for any sign of 2 little girls. Searching, even the crowds of people watching from under their front porches, nothing. I passed the library and pulled into Kristi's driveway right as she pulled up too, she had my girls! I got out, hail still pelting down, and got my scared, crying and wet little girls! Thankfull!

When we got home it was only raining and the girls calmed down enough to tell me their story.

They were sent home before it started hailing and walked to their friends (Kristi's Kids) house to see if they could get a ride home, when a piece of hail hit them and they looked for cover. Not knowing what to do Pacey had the idea to go to the "pizza place" (Burger Barron), it was only 2 houses down. They began to head for it when Spence found a lean-to and thought they should hide there. Pacey said they went to follow him but the lady who owns Burger Barron seen them and called for them to come in so the 3 girls did. The son working at the Burger Barron went out to find Spence but couldn't, thankfully Spence stayed protected in the lean-to.

That night the girls made thank you cards for the Burger Barron owners and I made cookies. We took them over and thanked them for their kindness and caring. They were answer to a frantic mom's prayer.

How thankful I am to kind people. Thankful for prayer! To be able to call upon One who is Mightier than all, is such a wonderful gift and blessing! How thankful He listen and provided a place for our kids! How thankful I am that Pacey has been baptised and felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost to go to the "Pizza Place". I have learned a valuable lesson, I have much to prepare my girls for. Who would ever think their kids would be in a hail storm with hail as big as ice cubes?! I am thankful for this realization!


Sarah C said...

Ok... I just found your blog from Christal's! This almost made me cry. They aren't even my kids and I could feel your panic! I am so glad that they were able to be kept safe. It is amazing how we can see HF everywhere in our lives!

The Spencers said...

Wow Tina that's crazy. The storms lately have come on so fast....that would be so scary. I'm so glad that they are ok. I can't believe how big the hail was. Glad everyone is ok.

Christal said...

That is the worst feeling I'm so glad they were safe ! That was the craziest storm and afternoon ever! Glad all turned out good!! hope your having a great summer!! ttys

Angie said...

You are right when you said you could relate. It is such a terrifying moment in time wondering if they are ok. Thankgoodness for prayer.