Monday, July 7, 2008

Dennis and Robyn

On June 27Th we headed up to Ponoka, with our travel trailer, to see Dennis and Robyn and their house. We got there at 10:30pm safe and sound while the girls were on their 3rd wind and were bouncing off the ceiling. They were sooooo excited to see Uncle Dennis and Auntie Robyn. Because it was so late we didn't really get to see their yards, but the next morning we were exploring it and boy was it beautiful.

Robyn and Dennis at the Spray Park with us.

Their Tree house. Our trailer on the left.

Their Game room. It's a small garage with a wood burning stove and filled with air hockey, couches and chairs, with a Pepsi cooler and dart board. We brought up our unused fuse ball table to add to this party room.

This is the view of their "usable" back yard. They have another 3 arches behind this that is marsh and trees, not so usable, yet.

Kirk and Nevee on the tree swing Dennis made just before we came.

Another pic of the back yard. The dog is Robyn's brother, Burns', they were dog sitting him. O'Cyrus, is the first dog Pacey actually liked. He never barked once, thankfully, as we parked our trailer just in front of him.

Dennis catching butterflies with the girls. I thought this was a good pic of him right in action.


Here she is.

So the pics of their actual house is on the video camera, which I haven't figured out how to unload onto this computer. Hopefully soon. It was fun and even though it's 5 hours away, we'll probably go up again this year, maybe in the fall.


Gary said...

Did Dennis have the cast on at branding? Did I miss that?

TinaLaRae said...

No cast at branding. I believe he broke his had shortly after that though. Hope it will be healed and off for the wedding.