Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Still Breathing

I can't believe how quickly Primary went on Sunday! Maybe it was because it was my first time and I was nervous? I don't know, I hope it always feels quick and some what controlled like yesterday. I mean, we have 72 children in our primary and I'm sure that 2/3's of them are in Jr. Primary so the reverence factor is a little hard to keep but in all they were very good.
Just for your FYI
Right after sacrament meeting our Sr. primary go straight to their classes while our Jr. primary usually begins opening exercises at about 2:25pm. We begin with a reverent song and then have opening prayer followed by announcements, then another song, the scripture and then talk. Sharing/Singing Time is next and starts at about 2:40ish and needs to end by 3:10 at the latest. Meanwhile at 3:00 the Sr. primary classes get a 5 minute notice under their doors and then meet in a vacant room across from the Primary room. We dismiss the Jr. primary to their classes starting with the children, who are on the little chairs, so we can stack those chairs as soon as they are gone and set up the bigger chairs to accommodate the Sr. primary coming in. So by 3:20ish we start with announcements and then have a reverent song followed by the scripture and talk and then Sharing/Singing Time begins at about 3:35pm and end just before 4pm and then we have the closing prayer. And because we are the last ward in the building we stack all the chairs before we leave.
So there you have it our Primary Time in a nut shell.
It's crazy but rewarding and I can't wait to really get my feet wet!
Many of you recommended the web site SugarDoodle, I love it thanks!

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