Tuesday, August 5, 2008

**Breaking Dawn**

So I went to the Midnight at Chapters. It was date night anyway so we just stayed in the city a little longer than on a normal, go out and eat and shop at Walmart, date. lol . We went with our friends the Roszell's. Ate at The Cheese Cake on the patio and then killed some time at the North side Walmart and got to Chapters at 11:40pm to get in line. The boys stayed in the truck commenting through text messaging on all the crazy dressed up girls there were. I can honestly say I wasn't the oldest there!!! yay. Karli got a pic of us on her cell phone when I get it from her I'll post it on here. When the clock stroked midnight the line started to move and in 20mins we were excited owners of the book Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

Here are some pics I snagged from some friends that we seen there. As you can see some people had some fun with it. The ones in the 2nd row on the bottom right were right behind Karli and I. I think they are die hards!

I really wanted to read it but thought I would wait until Monday so my mind would be 100% on the Sharing Time I was preparing. However, when we finally got into bed at 1:20am I was not tired so I got up and started reading this waited for book. It was 4am when I decided I needed to get some sleep. We were up at 9 getting ready for our niece's wedding at 11am. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.
Congrats Megan and Brett!

When we got home I picked up where I left off and read off and on while taking care of kids and finishing last minute stuff with my Sharing Time. I read Sunday night until midnight and then finished the book Monday evening at 11pm. I have to say it had everything in it I wanted and yet I feel something is missing? Hmmm not sure what it is or anything but I'm happy with it none the less. I found myself already knowing what would happen in a few cases and I wasn't upset with figuring it out before reading it because it was how the book should be!

If you've already read the first 3 you can't not read this last one! And if you haven't read any of them what are you waiting for? They are a wonderful escape and exciting read! I won't write about any of the plots or scenes or happenings because I don't want to give away any of the surprises and twists and feelings that arise. Happy reading every one!


The Spencers said...

So you got the book, eh?! I'm so excited to read it. I haven't gotten it yet. Yes we did have a blast at the campground. Truthfully I was looking for you guys cause I know it's where you camp. Too bad you weren't there!!

Anonymous said...

I am half way through the 4th one... I have to remind myself to not totally neglect my kids for two days while I just hole up and read *lol*

Steph said...

Even though almost every single person I know who reads has read that book I cannot bring myself to open one up!! One day perhaps.
So good to know Cort and Karli are alive and kicking - please tell them I say HELLOOOO!!!!

No pics of the garden??