Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is ME

i am: Changed for the better... and the worse
i think: About having another baby all the time

i know: Heavenly Father has a plan for me but sometimes I'm not on His page.
i want: To be a more patient and understanding mom. I also want to feel happier about being me.
i have: 3 beautiful and active girls and a hardworking, strong Hubby.
i wish: I could sing way better than I do.
i dislike: Violence. It makes me cringe and sick to my stomach.

i miss: How I use to be when I was younger; act silly, be adventurous and have fun.

i fear: That I will miss out on my kids life because I didn't take enough time to be with them.

i feel: Many things at the same time: unhealthy, proud, excited, nervous, overwhelmed,
in control, tired, embarrassed.
i hear: My girls playing Wii Sports and laughing and the primary presentation songs playing.

i smell: Pizza and my yummy shampoo that smells like cookie dough. mmm
i crave: Ice cold water right now but usually it's cola. I know bad bad bad.

i usually: Write out a list of things to do each day.
i search: For ideas on the internet for my church calling.
i wonder: If Kirk and I will ever go on a fun holiday, just us two?
i regret: Thinking I was fat in High School.

i love: Having a purpose in life, my girlies, my Hubby always and forever & prayer.

i care: About those who are suffering or in difficult times.

i always: Have a prayer in my mind and heart for so many different things.
i worry: I'll never get the motivation to be healthier and active.

i am not: Ready to go out in public and it's 3:37pm.

i remember: The day I was sealed to Kirk and each of my girls birth days.

i believe: That I am a Child of God. I Believe in the Book of Mormon and I believe Jesus Christ died for all mankind so we can return and live with Them again.

i dance: In my house where no one can see me. I use to dance in public when I was younger.

i sing: When I know the song playing and sometimes when I don't.
i don’t always: Get up with my girls in the morning. I really like sleep.
i argue: Less and less. I am learning that it doesn't always matter if I'm right, just that everyone has a point of view.
i write: Terribly so I usually type everything and print it out.
i win: Rarely.
i lose: Motivation when it comes to exercise.
i never: Dreamt my life could be this wonderful.
i listen: To all kinds of music and love to listen to my girls playing make believe and laughing.
i don't understand: How I can have all the laundry done and the next day have 3 more loads to do?

i can usually be found: At Home. I am a home body.
i am scared: I will worry about things non existent and miss out on something wonderful.

I tag anybody who wants to evaluate their life ha ha and with a recent self port. good or not. cause this is me.


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