Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm still here

It's funny to me that I thought I'd and have so much free time to do what I wanted while both Pace and Lain are in full time school with just Nev at home. It seems every day flies by and I feel as though I have accomplished nothing. There are so many things to start to get done at this time in the year, like: putting away summer stuff and getting out the fall (I won't say the other season that follows), raking the leaves that seem to find my yards when I don't even have a tree on my property, cleaning out the travel trailer and parking it for the non-camping seasons, getting rid of all the stuff we don't need or use and so on and so forth. Then there are the things I want to do: catch up on scrapbooking, crafting, blogging, being creative in any way I desire, exercise, visit with friends and such. Hopefully this will change and I will find that free time I am so desperately and looking for.


Anonymous said...

I was the same way. I kept thinking that when september came and I got back into a routine I would be more productive. Hmmmm... not really happening. The problem is that I still always feel busy! Good Luck!

Krista said...

I actually went on the hunt for things to do once both my kids were in school in the afternoons ... I just may be a glutton for punishment.

Angie said...

When you figure it out let me know, because my days fly by too and I feel like I get nothing done.