Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time found

I have realized that Primary takes a lot of time and preparation! It seems every day I'm looking for new ideas, planning a sharing time for Jr. and Sr. primary, planning a teacher appreciation night, reorganizing classes, calendaring interviews/meetings or calling primary workers as needed.
Yesterday seemed to be the cRaZiEsT though. At 6am Nevee woke me up by puking all over her bed. After I got her all cleaned up, a bucket near by and a drink of water, I laid with her in her bed. She was not tired and wiggled and giggled until I finally left at 7am to lay in my bed. The alarm went off at 7:20 and in comes Laina and she pukes on my floor. Seriously my 6 year old doesn't know to go to the bathroom to puke in the toilet?! I guess I should be grateful as we really don't have sickness at our house too often, so she truly didn't know that. So after I got her in a nice warm tub I walked out of the bathroom to see Nev throwing up all over her bed, again! I got everything striped down, put her in the tub with Laina and started the laundry. Lots of HOT water was used this day! I kept Laina home, obviously, and Pacey wasn't too impressed but I sent her with a lunch so she could stay at school. Laina still managed to vomit on the bathroom rug, the living room rug and finally got it into the bucket. Nevee's been down this road already a couple of times this year so she has the bucket thing down. Thankfully we have a rug cleaner! So this was my unplanned morning.

Here is what I had planned to do this day:
7:20am - get up, breakfast girls, help girls get ready for school, take them to school.
8:30 - Go to Tekarra's for our Primary meeting
10:00 - Go to the Merc and get $40 of ground beef, dipping chocolate and some soya cheese (if they had some).
10:30 - Cook up the ground beef into taco meat for 10 families of 6. Yes it was Make A Head Meals (MAHM) group that night. And get talk ready.
12:pm pick up girls, make lunch take them back to school at...
12:50 - take 5 "late" invites to our techers for Teacher Appreciation Night, that night.
2:00 - Start dipping spoons in chocolate, bag and freeze cooked taco meat.
3:15 - pick up girls, stop at church to set Primary room up for meeting.
4:00 - finish spoons, wrap and fill treat bags for our wonderful teachers.
5:00 - shower get ready
6:00 - Supper on the table (did you guess Taco's?)
6:30 - head up to the church to be ready.
7:00 - teacher appreciation Meeting
8:00 - head home to get my meals and change and...
8:30 - head to MAHM/Swap.
9:30 - come home and relax and have time with Kirk.
11:00pm - Go to Bed!

So needless to say this is not how my day went:
6am - as metioned above.....
9:30am - had a conference call meeting, I was on speaker phone.
10:00 - I called my Mother-in-law(MIL) to do me a favor and get all my grocery items, mentioned above. I love her dearly, so thankful she's near by.
11:30 - MIL dropped off food and went back to get Popsicles for the sickies. (which Nev says "made her all better!")
11:45 - started frying up the beef and dipping spoons (I think I washed my hands 110 times)
1:30pm got my talk somewhat finalized, in the mist of frying the meat.
2:00 finished bagging meat and put into deep freeze.
2:45 - showered and dressed and loaded sickies into the car to get Pacey.
3:30 - cleaned up a bit
4:00 - Pacey left to go pick apples with her best friend and her family.
4:00 - started to wrap dipped spoons, needed ribbon, called Tekarra (she makes bows so she always has ribbon).

4:30 - picked up the ribbon and got the spoons wrapped to the Hot chocolate and into the teacher treat bag.
5:00 - Kirk got home, and I remembered laundry and went to it.
5:30 - got Taco's ready for supper.
6:00 - did my hair, make up and got changed.
6:30 loaded the car with all the "set up"/meeting stuff.

6:34 - set up chairs, tables, ice water, went over talk,

7:00 - 1 teacher, 1 bishopric member, all of primary presidency.
7:15 - 4 more teachers and the rest of the bishopric members. So started the meeting. ( as you can see I didn't get the all the invites handed out).
7:50 - meeting complete, a little visiting after.
8:05 cleaned up
8:20 - got home, changed, got meals, headed to MAHM group.
8:35 - swapped meals, visited quickly, almost lost my shoe in a mud pile.
9:25 - HOME to stay and relax.
10:00 - watched 90210
11:00pm - went to bed.

This was my day yesterday. Today I'm disinfecting and finishing the laundry. I am also relaxing and finding time post. Kirk's been able to stay home because of the rain and it is nice. Hope every one's having some relaxing time too. And remember what you have planned for the day may change in the blink of an eye.


Kourtney said...

I feel the same way about being so busy!! I'm a den mother, and primary asst pianist, plus I work 10 hr days and my kids aren't in school and way more needy! Good luck to us both!!

Dawn said...

I am so glad I am no the only one running in circles these days=)

Tekarra said...

I can't believe you took a "photo journal" of our primary thing. You are so funny! Don't work TOO hard. See you Sunday

ehjenn said...

1nd, your blog is wonderful. You write beautifully.
2rd, OH MY GOSH. my worst nightmare is my kids puking everywhere. Sounds like you handled it well. I can't believe you got all that stuff done still.
You are impressive. Thanks also for letting Kirk stay and play. They aren't loud at all. Ha ha.
Thanks for coming tonight. It was really nice to meet you.

Angie said...

Your are super woman. I hope your kids are all better.

Cheryl said...

I hate it when I have sick kids, it's the absolute worst, and I don't do so well with the whole puking thing. One little trick I learned is to make their bed in layers. I found these sheet protecter things at Ikea that were relatively cheap. You put them in between the fitted sheet layers. So when they puke you can strip the bed and have a fresh layer asap. I'm not 100% awake in the middle of the night so this works great for me. Hope all is better now though. We just went through a bout of sick the last few weeks, mostly sore throat and headaches. So cute with the dipped spoons, I may have to try that sometime.

Amelia said...

YOU ARE SO TALENTED! I really appreciate all that and the presidency do. You are doing a FANTASTIC Job!!!