Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes I feel like there is just TOO much to do as of late and my blogging is so hard to fit in. So I bring you a post now, not knowing when I'll get around to it again, I mean I could find time tomorrow or maybe next week, I just don't know?
One night Nevee found my journal from 1992 to 1994, she was looking for a book to color in.

Anyway I started to read some of the entries and man I laughed and reminisced those days of my life. I thought it would be funny to post an entry so here it goes

Hot as ever Date: July 2/91

Today the 4-H members
went to Lethbridge to
sell their 4-H calves.
There were lots of
people. That night there
was a dance and I hung
around Andrea 13-14 and
Shannon 12 their from Milk River,
and Carolyn and Dee Dee.
Well I was talking to
Dee Dee and this guy
came up to us. He looked
13 and asked me to dance
His name was Randy.
After a lot of dancing
he asked me out. I
said no because I never
knew him. But he was so
cute. I'm in love.

What's funny is I totally remember this night and the following days. He kept asking me out and I kept saying no. I he eventually asked Dee Dee out.
I also remember being so sad that my 4-H steer was sold and on his way to the butcher but excited that $1,300 was coming my way.
I loved 4-H! I think I would love my girls to be in it too. Kirk however doesn't think it would be very wonderful.


Dawn said...

How brave you are to read through your old journals...I burned mine=) too incriminating.

Natalie said...

that is awesome! I remember being in "love". I tend to avoid my old journals for that very reason. good for you for sticking to your standards and saying no!

The Spencers said...

Too funny!!! I always get a laugh when I read through my journals!! It's always fun to do!

Sarah C said...

I tore up a bunch of my old journals when I was a teenager, and I regret it terribly! I remember the days of being in "love"... I also used to write "bye" at the end of mine.