Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHY, WHy, Why, why

I don't have a clue WHY I get myself into things? OK, no, I do know why I do things. What I don't know is WHY the LORD thinks I can do them. Let me explain:

A month and a 1/2 ago I was asked if I was going to plan a Christmas party for the Primary children or a family one. I said just a kids one. Fine all is well, my councilors and I even had a meeting and came up with ideas and games and such. So... 2 Sundays ago I over hear our Ward Missionaries ask each other if we were having a Ward Family Christmas Party because it can be a great missionary tool. I step in and say, "Sorry for eavesdropping but no we aren't having one, I'm just planning on having a children's party." "Oh that's fine we were just wondering." All is well, until I get home and all of the sudden a Family Christmas party is planning it's self out in my mind. Seriously WHY me? It's all I could think about so I emailed Brother Anderson my plans and he says "GREAT! we really wanted to have one but didn't have time to plan one. We're behind you all the way!" Thankfully my councilors felt like it was a great idea too they even think it will be easier because families will be taking care of their children rather than us entertaining 80 children on our own.

So this is our plan:
We will ask every family to bring a "Family Gift", (to donate to needy families) to the party. We will have a program with great Christmas musicals and stories and then have hot chocolate, fried scones and honey butter. We will also have a "Wrapping Station" set up so they can wrap their "Family Gift" and another station for the kids to make a beaded Christmas Ornament. We might even have a corner set up where we can take Family Photo's? The only thing I haven't been able to come up with is a gift to send home with every family, I want it to be a gift to remind them of Christ during this wonderful season. I have to be frugal as we have 100+ families in our ward so $2 or under/family. Any Ideas? I would love to hear them.

WHY oh WHy oh Why?


Candice Lee Holt Miller said...

HI Tina a GREAT gift that our ward in Belgrade did was put a bow on those little books you can get from LDS bookstore....they are like $1 or $2 and you can even find one on a Christmas type theme too. Do you know the ones I'm talking bout......little paperback, just a few pages long. This is a good cheap, family gift! :-)
Take care

Natalie said...

A picture of Christ is always my favorite. He is the reason for the season! Good luck with everything.

Janas Bananas said...

Because the Lord wants us to be busy thats why!!! He wants us to shine our talents and develop them so we can be ready for the next task. I think you idea is for a gift..maybe a disk with children singing christmas songs on it...YOu may be able to find them on the internet. or maybe if you are super talented you can get your primary to sing the songs and record them then down load..But that calls for some heavy equipment...And you can make them some nice songs with about Jesus. Or like the others have said..a nice little picture of the manger is nice....hope that helped....Good luck!!