Friday, November 14, 2008


So Kirk's Birthday is on Monday and I last week I gave him his gift from us. I was so excited when I found them that I just had to give them to him. I found them at a kiosk in the mall and thought they would be great for him when snowboarding or working in the cold.

This is the neck and shoulder one

This is just a big one for any part of you body.

and this one is small enough to fit in you gloves.

How they work is you click the sliver metal inside and it causes a reaction with the silicone and causes the pad to heat up to 54 C. The neat thing is they are reusable by just boiling in hot water for 10 or so minutes, let dry and use when needed. They are suppose to last up to 2 hours but we found the hand ones only last for about 10 to 15 minutes, which is still enough time to warm those hands.

Well because I gave him his b-day gift a week early I felt kind of bad so I thought I'd take our girls pictures to give him on the big day. So yesterday he had a Stake Elders meeting so when he left at 10 to 8 I quickly turned my living room into a photo shoot. After taking pics for 15 mins, who walks in? Kirk! I looked up from the camera and was like "what are you doing home?" He look surprised and didn't know what to do? look? ... not look? Oh well it was already too late. He said that no one was there and came home to call the other councilors to see if it had been canceled. I got on our ward web site and found that the meeting was at 8:15, which is a really weird time to start a meeting but non the less it was still on he was just really early.

So I got some cute pics however the lighting wasn't the greatest but oh well they'll work for now.

And here is Pacey and Laina's School pic and one I took of Nevee:

I ordered a bunch of these pics though the WalMart photo on line 1st because they will have them developed with in an hour from sending it. 2nd because I had a promo coupon for 10 free 5x7s . Hope they turn out good, if not I'll goto London Drugs, they are more pricey but the same pics seem to come out just that much more nicer. I'm loving being able to send an order online! It's just so easy and convienent.
Who do you get to develope your pics?


Dawn said...

Lol, Laina cracks me up! How cute are thses kids!?!? Pacey is getting so grown up looking, good luck with that;)

Krista said...

That's a great idea for a birthday present - the pictures that is, Jerry wouldn't know what to do with warmers in Texas ;)
We get all our pictures developed at Wal-mart

Janas Bananas said...

I can't believe how old Pacey is...or any of them for that matter!! You did a good job...I am very impressed with your picture taking skills....Tell Kirk happy birthday!

Michelle said...

LOVE the pics!!!!!!
We get ours done at Costco.
Also, great job on the weight loss!

Natalie said...

I'm all about getting pictures developed at Costco. Great quality and great price!

mom said...

Pacey is a clone of you. Your girls are beautiful.Aunt Char

Steph said...

That neck warmer is crazy but I think I could use one too.
Fun pictures!
I develop at wal-mart OR my dad's house.. he prints them for pennies!

Kathy said...

Your girls look like they've grown a lot even since summer - crazy! I hate getting my pics developed at Walmart - I always feel like their colouring is a little off. Costco is great and London Drugs is my runner-up.