Monday, March 23, 2009

never mentioned

There are 2 things I think I've never mentioned that our family has acquired.  First is we bought a used van last October.  It's a van I've wanted since they came out back in 2005, a Saturn Relay.  They don't make them anymore but they match the Pontiac Montana and the Chevy Uplander.  and just a few weeks ago we sold our Saturn SL car.  She was good to us and GREAT on gas, hope the new owners enjoy her as much as we did.  

The Second is Kirk bought a new Camera just after Christmas.  He bought a Nikon D90.  He loves it!  I wish I had the time and desire to learn how to use it but right now I "let" him take all the pics.  But really, he wants too.   He also bought Aperture 2 for me for Christmas but guess who uses it?  

So those are some never mentioned newbys in our family.

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Arrington's said...

I am so jealous about your camera! I've wanted one of those forever. They take amazing pictures. I've actually wanted a van forever too so I guess you could say I'm pretty much envious of your life about now..