Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have...

a 10 year old!!!!?

Crazy eh!?

Pacey joined the double digits on April 2nd!

We threw her a little birthday party with 4 of her friends.  We took them to the movie Bed Time Stories complete with popcorn and pop and then out to DQ for their famous ice cream cakes.

AAARGGGRGRAAGGR  I just went to put up a few pics from the party but because we have a new camera and Kirk only shoots in RAW he hasn't made them into "real" pictures yet.  So I will add pics at a later date.    

I've had a 10 year old for 51 days now and am still dumbfounded by it!?


Janas Bananas said...

Crazy how time flies....It weird, COlton is going into grade7 this fall and I think "was I not just in grade7"??? its funt o watch them grow but sad all at the same time..And makes us feel old!! Crazy she is 10!!!! 2 more years and she will be in young womans~~ Colton is going to passing the sacrament in Aug!!

The Spencers said...

That is crazy!!! Happy late birthday to Pacey! I love the pictures of your kids that you guys did at Henderson. So cute! Are you busy helping your mom plan the wedding? Have a good weekend!